For life-threatening emergencies, please call 911.

As family care providers we receive a well-rounded education in women’s care, ob/gynecology, internal medicine, pediatrics, and orthopedics to name just a few.  Our broad training enables us to address most of your healthcare issues and to recognize when you may need to see a specialist.


Our services include:


Adult Medical Care

  • including annual health maintenance exams as well as care for chronic health issues such as diabetes and high blood pressure

Well Women’s Care

Obstetrics and Pregnancy

Pediatric Services including Well Child Exams and Teen Screens

Sports Medicine

  • Sports physicals, treatment of minor sports injuries (sprains and strains, bursitis, concussions, tendonitis, etc), and referral for more serious orthopedic conditions/injuries




We do offer same-day,

urgent care appointments!

Please call during office hours

(8:30-12 and 1:30-5:00pm)

to schedule appointments.


If you cannot keep your appointment, we ask for 24 hours notice.

This allows us to accommodate other acutely ill patients. A charge may be billed

for repeated missed appointments without notice.














  • If you are going to be late, please call our office as soon as possible, so that we can work with you to accommodate you.
  • Please make an appointment for each family member that you want examined.
  • We work earnestly to remain on schedule. However, the nature of Family Medicine is such that emergencies and treatment delays can occur. If you need to leave, feel free to ask us for a more convenient appointment time. We will try to notify you in advance of schedule changes.


After Hours & Emergencies

  • We provide you with immediate access to a healthcare professional 24 hours a day. If you have a medical problem that should not wait until office hours, call your provider’s phone number, and you will be directed by our answering service to the physician on call. He or she will advise you whether you need emergency care, office care, or how to care for your problem at home.
  • Please note that on weekends we share call coverage with Columbia Gorge Family Medicine.


House Calls

  • We occasionally make house calls for the elderly or for chronically debilitated patients. Your primary care provider will decide this on a case-by-case basis.


Telephone Calls

  • Because of time constraints, our trained staff handles most phone calls, in direct communication with your provider. If you need to speak directly with your provider, he or she generally returns calls by the end of the clinic day.


Prescription Medications

  • For your health’s sake, please plan ahead so you do not run out of your medications.
  • For routine refills: Contact your pharmacy first. They will contact us to arrange your refills. Please plan for two business days for refills.
  • If you take medications regularly, we strongly recommend that you bring a current medication list with you for appointments.
  • If you use an out-of-town or mail-order pharmacy, please supply the pharmacy’s contact information.



  • If you or your provider feel you need a specialist’s care, please arrange this through our office. This improves communication between everyone involved, and optimizes your quality of care.


Medical Records

  • If you are transferring care to a new provider, or seeing a specialist, we forward your medical records free, as a courtesy.  A fee will be charged for copies of medical records for personal use. Please allow one week’s notice.


Payment and Insurance

  • The responsibility for payment of fees rests on you, the patient. Insurance is billed for you as a courtesy, when you provide us with current insurance information.
  • We are in most insurance panels. We accept Medicare and Oregon Health Plan assignments.
  • We try to set our fees at a reasonable level based upon the community standard. If you have questions about our fees, we want you to feel comfortable discussing them with us.
  • Our contracts with insurance companies mandate that co-pays be paid at the time of service. Please know the amount of your co-pay.
  • Patients who do not have insurance, or have not met their deductibles are expected to pay for the visit at the time of service.
  • We accept VISA, Master Card, cash, and personal checks.
  • If you are in financial difficulties, we would like to work with you. Please speak to our staff about a monthly payment plan.
  • Lab services in our building are provided by Providence Health Services. Providence will bill you for lab work separately.


Thank you for choosing Summit Family Medicine!

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